Meet Me at SIGGRAPH Asia!

I am really excited to be attending SIGGRAPH Asia in Sydney this December! Reach out if you want to meet up to chat, collaborate or if you want to talk about the three works that we will be presenting at the conference:

  • Neural Stochastic Screened Poisson Reconstruction, in which Alec Jacobson and I show that the traditional Poisson surface reconstruction from point clouds can be computed with the aid of a neural network, making it easier to quantify its uncertainty and enabling applications like next best view planning and ray casting.
  • Reach for the Spheres, in which Oded Stein, Christopher Batty and I introduce a deceptively simple geometric algorithm to reconstruct surfaces from SDFs significantly better than both Marching Cubes and neural approaches. This was such a fun collaboration!
  • Constructive Solid Geometry on Neural Signed Distance Fields, a collaboration with Hsueh-Ti Derek Liu and Alec Jacobson led by the brilliant Zoë Marschner in which we introduce a new regularizer to recover true Signed Distance Fields using neural coordinate networks.