Hi! I am a third-year Computer Science PhD student at the University of Toronto, advised by Alec Jacobson and working in Computer Graphics and Geometry Processing. I am a Vanier Doctoral Scholar and the winner of the 2021 University of Toronto FAS Dean's Doctoral Excellence Scholarship. I have interned twice at Adobe Research under the mentorship of Noam Aigerman and twice at the Fields Institute of Mathematics. I am also an organizer of the Toronto Geometry Colloquium and a member of WiGRAPH. Before all that, I completed a B.Sc. in Mathematics and a B.Sc. in Physics at the University of Oviedo.

Please use the tabs at the top right to navigate this website, or use the search bar if you already know what you're looking for! Feel free to email me if you want to chat and follow me on twitter to stay up to date on my research!