Upcoming talks!

I am planning to visit several universities in the next few months to talk about my research on stochastic computer graphics. Hit me up if you’re in any of these and want to meet up!

  • January 31st - February 1st: University of Waterloo (Waterloo, Canada).
  • February 5th - 16th: Busy.
  • February 20th: University of Victoria (Victoria, Canada)
  • February 23rd: Max Planck Institute for Informatics (Saarbrücken, Germany).
  • February 29th: Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, USA).
  • March 7th - 8th: IST Austria (Vienna, Austria).
  • March 11th - 12th: Caltech (Pasadena, USA).
  • March 15th: Brown University (Providence, USA).
  • March 18th: Columbia University (New York, USA).
  • March 20th - 21st: MIT (Cambridge, USA).
  • March 25th: Princeton University (Princeton, USA).
  • March 28th - 29th: CMU (Pittsburgh, USA).

I'm looking for a job!

This Fall, I will be applying to tenure-track faculty positions in Computer Science in Europe and North America. My goal is to lead a multidisciplinary research team that builds on my previous and ongoing work on stochastic geometry processing and applies it to specific challenges in critical fields like medicine, engineering or journalism. Let me know if your institution is hiring and you think I could be a good fit!